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Not all law is practiced in the courtroom. Administrative law governs the actions of governmental agencies. Many state and federal agencies are statutorily authorized by legislation to
promulgate their own administrative regulations. Often, those regulations are enforced through administrative hearings within the agency or through a third-party agency. An agency’s power to conduct those hearings, as well as the procedure used therein, is governed by a complex body of law and regulations.

The following are some examples of administrative proceedings:

– Appealing an disciplinary action against a government employee

– Defending accusations involving environmental violations

– Appealing a wrongful substantiation by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services

– Fighting the suspension of a driver’s license and other licenses

– Appealing the denial of unemployment or other benefits

Administrative proceedings should be taken just as seriously as actions in judicial courts. Administrative agencies have a surprising amount of power to enforce their regulations. If you are involved in, or plan to institute, an administrative proceeding, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced firm to navigate through the bureaucracy and preserve any available right to appeal an unsatisfactory decision through a judicial court. You need a firm that has handled multiple actions in state and federal administrative proceedings. That firm is Johnson Bearse, LLP.

Please call us if you are involved in any administrative proceeding.

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