Johnson Bearse, LLP

Please be advised that Johnson Bearse, LLP ceased operations on October 31, 2020.
Please see below for new contact information for all associated attorneys and paralegals.

Goldberg Simpson, LLC

Nicole S. Bearse
W. Steven Middleton

229 West Main Street, Suite 301
Frankfort, KY 40601

Local Office: 502.699.2355
Louisville Office: 502.589.4440
FAX: 502.581.1344

Nicole Bearse:
Steven Middleton:
Maria Hayden:

Goldberg Simpson

Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP

William E. Johnson
Joesph P. Bowman
W. Eric Branco

326 West Main Street
Frankfort, KY 40601

Office: 502.605.6100
FAX: 502.605.6108

William E. Johnson:
Joesph P. Bowman:
W. Eric Branco:
Denise Watts:

Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP